Petrophysics and Surface Chemistry
Section Head: Jill Buckley

Our studies focus on:

  • Surface and interfacial properties of crude oils.
  • Wettability alteration and crude oil/brine/rock interactions.
  • Stability of asphaltenes.
  • Core cleaning and the effects of surfactants on wettability assessment.

P&SC's Group Info

Introductions to:
Wettability Asphaltenes
Acid number titration Base number titration
Asphaltene onset Asphaltene amount
Adhesion Contact angles
Decane purification Refractive index (RI)
Density procedure Viscosity
Glassware cleaning Calculator (r, RI, m)
Safety Inspection Lab Notebook
Writing tips:
Writing reports for the P&SC group Jill Buckley
Avoiding plagiarism Sharon Williams
Organizing your thesis Emily Nye